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Concrete Pool Shapes

Concrete Pools can be any shape only limited by the space in which you have to place the pool.

The main consideration is the orientation of the concrete pool, however the following points also deserve consideration:

1. Pool Positioning

Pool positioning is the most important factor from a heat retention standpoint. Plan to keep the pool away from nearby buildings and overhanging trees and avoid windy positions where possible. Trees not only cause problems with leaves, they and nearby buildings block sunlight and prevent the pool warming up naturally during the day. A pool with little or no natural sun will be up to 4°C cooler.

2. Pool Depth

The pool depth will depend on your intended use of the pool. For example, you will need a minimum depth of 1.2 metres of water for lap swimming so that you don’t touch the bottom when making your turns. In other pools, 1 to 1.1 metres is suitable for the shallow end of the pool. For the deep end, between 1.7 and 1.8 metres is usual, though there is a growing trend for pools to be no deeper than 1.5 metres.

3. Sites Conditions

If you have an unusual site, don’t be deterred. On extreme slopes, for example, concrete piers or retaining walls can be installed to support the far walls of the pool. The end result can be spectacular, with the far wall seeming to float off into space. In other cases, such as sloping ground which has been terraced, an above ground pool can be installed using the terracing as a natural feature.

4. Pool Size

Your pool can be designed to fit small and irregular spaces if necessary.

5. Landscaping

Designing the landscaping concept around your pool is very important and greatly enhances the appearance of the pool. Carefully planning your garden and landscaping will mean less time spent on pool maintenance and more time enjoying the pool.

6. Considerations for the Pools Location:

Sun: Does the sun reach the pool and areas intended for sunbathing or is it obstructed?

Shade: Are there shady spots available to escape the sun when it becomes too hot?

Wind: Will a windbreak be necessary?

Vegetation: Are there trees and shrubs close to the proposed pool area?

Supervision: Can the pool be easily seen and supervised from the living areas of the house?

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