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Swimming Pool Coping

Pool coping is a necessary feature of your swimming pool design that offers an attractive and stylish finish to your pool.

Pool Coping is the edging at the top of the pool that functions as a seal to the pool shell or structure to protect the outside wall of the pool from potential water damage. Sunseeker Pools offer a wide range of materials and attractive styles to choose from to fit with your pool design and its surrounds.

Coping can become a stand-out feature of your pool with the use of attractive paving that blends or contrasts with the decking and pool interior depending on the style of the pool.

It is important that the pool coping be a non-slip material to ensure your swimmers have a safe entry to the pool. Your pool coping will also need to withstand the elements as it will be constantly exposed to water and sunlight.

Sunseeker Pools use only the best quality pool coping;Sandstone-Coping

Slate & Stone Products Pty Ltd


only natural stone gives you the stylish look you want, with the long lasting durability you dream of

Sandstone Coping

A popular stone choice, the warm colours of sandstone coping embrace the Australian lifestyle perfectly…



Consider this pale, yet textural stone as a feature in your pool surrounds and entertainment areas.



Granite Pool Coping

Crystalline in structure, granite pool coping is used for strenght and durability, a tough, but visually impacting choice…



Tuscan Pool Coping

The earthy nature of tuscan limestone pool coping will give your pool surround a soft, yet strong texture underfoot.


Quartz / Bluestone Pool Coping

Either of these stone choices as your pool coping will give your space a striking appearance and will become a brilliant feature to your pool.


Travertine / Shellstone Pool Coping

Use these pool coping options for a soft, yet luxuriuos aesthetic within pool surrounds or outdoor entertaining areas.



Pool Cladding

Use feature walling to enhance the beauty of your pool area and give your space a focal point…



Pool Mosaics

Combine the striking feature of natural stone with the clean lines given by our mosaic range…



Ultra Drain Swimming Pool Drainage


For more information and to view the entire product range and gallery, visit Slate and Stone.

For first class quality and service, and superior concrete swimming pool construction, call Sunseeker Pools today on 07 5493 0849, and get the pool you have always dreamed about.