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Pool Renovations, Resurfacing & Repairs

We can help you with swimming pool renovations, resurfacing and repairs. Give your pool a new lease on life today.

Sunseeker Pools are experts when it comes to pool renovations, resurfacing and repairs. We can help can help you restore, resurface, renovate and repair your pool, resurrecting your swimming pool to its former glory and adding value to your property. Whether your pool needs a complete renovation or a simple resurfacing, we offer solutions to all sorts of problems.

Our team of commercial pool builders at Sunseeker Pools have built hundreds of swimming pools on the -

If your pool is cracked or leaking we can provide a structurally strong and waterproof barrier with careful selection of the materials to ensure your pool finish is spectacular. You can rely on our expertise and knowledge to provide you with sensational results.

If your pool requires a renovation or upgrade, we can offer you filtration and sanitising equipment that require minimal amounts of water and chemicals, install underground or above ground water tanks to top up your pool, we can even use a water sac to hold the pool water during renovation to re-use for re-filling the pool once the pool renovation or repairs are complete.

For first class quality and service, and superior concrete swimming pool renovations, resurfacing and repairs, make an online enquiry or call the Sunseeker Pools team today on (07) 5493 0849 and get the pool you have always dreamed about.