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Pool Maintenance & Servicing

Sunseeker Pools can provide you advice on daily pool maintenance and servicing.

In order to keep your pool sparkling all year round, follow these simple tips and advice on pool maintenance and servicing.

Daily Pool Maintenance Activities:

  • Check and empty the skimmer basket
  • Check and clear the pump basket
  • Check on your pool cleaner, remove debris in suction cleaner and clean wall fittings on boosted systems
  • Scooping leaves and debris from the swimming pool

Weekly and Fortnightly Pool Maintenance Activities:

  • Water testing (at least weekly)
  • Check chlorinator (salt cells & injection points)
  • Brush pool walls
  • Clean the cartridge every fortnight and replace as required

Finally, you should backwash your pool filter on a monthly basis (3 minute backwash and a 30 second rinse). Remember to turn your filtration system off on each valve movement.

If you require further assistance with your pool maintenance and servicing, contact Sunseeker Pools on 07 5439 0849.